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Avda. Juan Díaz Rodríguez, 8 - C.C. Puerto Base - Puerto Rico - Mogán

Tfno.- (+0034) 928.56.01.56


Viernes, 16 Diciembre, 2016 3:45 PM

In this section we collect all letters and emails sent by our clients.

All human group of Bay Beach greatly appreciates your loyalty to them all these years, and the best way to prove it every day offering the best service and the best host for the evening to share with us remain unforgettable.

From here we thank each and every one of our clients.

Send your letter, we will publish.


Email from family Sørensen, Marzo 2013

Letter from Mr.Bengt Eliasson, Marzo 2009

The Great Family Wim, Diny and Ronald Megens, Diciembre 2010

Letter from Ms. Susanne and Mr. JØrn Mikkelsen, Enero 2012




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